Our Story

We grew up as avid gamers.  Over the years, we put time and effort into saving virtual worlds.  We battled Koopas, explored haunted houses, and jumped fireballs to help Mario save Princess Peach from Bowser.  We trained Pokémon, defeated the Elite Four, and completed the Pokédex to aid Professor Oak’s important research.  We drove warthogs, fired alien weapons, and fought as Master Chief to defend humanity against the Covenant.  We even left the safety of Orgrimmar by venturing through the dark portal to stop Illidan Stormrage from destroying all of Azeroth.


These adventures brought meaning to our life.  We were heroes.  Our purpose was to make the world a better place, whether it be saving an entire planet or just making someone’s life a little more magical.  Each virtual world had a problem that needed fixing, and we were the solution. We could look back on all our accomplishments and feel pride knowing that we made a difference.


However, after spending so much time saving virtual worlds, we eventually realized that there was one world we hadn’t helped: ours.  How could we make a difference in our own world?  There were no quests, no dragons to slay, no overlords to stop, and frankly a lack of princesses.  But, there are problems that need to be solved and causes that need to be helped.  We decided, why not use videogames to change the world for the better. 


We want to change the paradigm of gaming to bridge the virtual and physical worlds.  When a person plays one of our games, his/her progression and achievements in the virtual world will have tangible impacts on our planet.  Our goal is to create positive change one videogame at a time.