Meet Our Team

Game Design Magician

Game Engineer Marvel

Game Development Wizard

Music & Sound Sorcerer

Conservation Guru

Marketing Maven

Wick Kaminski is a Chapman University graduate living in Costa Mesa, California. A love for the outdoors and a lifetime of gaming is what fuels his passion for Growth Gamez. He's thrilled to have found ways to apply his marketing and technical knowledge to the team.

Paul Medici has been working inside the conservation arena for 10 years.  Partnering with Environmental NGO's, Zoos, and Conservation Organizations, Paul has led fundraising & awareness raising campaigns. He has created global forums advancing multiple missions: rainforest preservation and restoration, conservation education initiatives and Endangered Species research in Australia, Sumatra and the US.

Wilson Knapp is a USC alumnus living in Laguna Beach, California.  He has a passion for game creation and design, and he wants to change the way people play games.  His dream is to make video games have tangible, philanthropic impacts in our world.

Chris Bailey graduated from Drexel University and lives in Newport Beach, California. Chris spends his time engineering a better way to aid society.  He is developing the best way to transform virtual efforts into real world changes.

Seth Morris graduated from Columbia College Chicago and lives in Los Angeles, California.  His zeal for music creation and his love for the ocean has brought him to Growth Gamez.  Seth wants to use his music to make the world a better place. 

David Sotir is a Dakota State University graduate living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He has had over 4 years of development experience and worked on 9 games ranging in complexity and length.  His desire to make unique and exciting games has lead him to join the Growth Gamez team.